23 Feb

Lomachenko made a prediction for the fight between Usyk and Fury

Former three-weight world champion, Vasyl Lomachenko, shared his thoughts on the possible matchup between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury for the title of absolute heavyweight champion. Lomachenko acknowledged that the fighters' different dimensions could affect the outcome of the fight.

"It will be very, very difficult for both of them. Of course, I root for my friend Alexander, but I don’t know how this fight will go, because they have different dimensions, and besides, Tyson Fury is very smart. Fury’s size is his advantage," Lomachenko said.

Lomachenko emphasized that Usyk's strategy and preparation will be key in determining the fight's outcome. "It all depends on what strategy Usyk uses and how he prepares for this fight. He needs to be very physically strong in this fight."

Ломаченко оценил шансы Усика в бою с Фьюри - Korrespondent.net

Negotiations are ongoing between representatives of Usyk and Fury for a unification fight, with the Ukrainian side insisting on a "50:50" income distribution given Usyk's three championship titles.

The fight is scheduled for April 29th at Wembley Stadium in London, with Fury's promoters urging Usyk to fight in London instead of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, due to the latter's unfinished stadium.

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Lomachenko is currently in a training camp in the United States and is preparing for a fight with undisputed world lightweight champion Devin Haney on May 20th in Las Vegas.