06 Nov

Lightweight Dynamite: Timothy Bradley Weighs in on Shakur's Rival in the Ring

Former champ and ring strategist Timothy Bradley dropped his take on the lightweight division's elite, pointing to Raymond Muratalla as the only glove-slinger who can square up with Shakur Stevenson. Muratalla, packing a flawless record and a dynamite punch, is the division's hidden ace, says Bradley:

"Muratalla's the guy giving nightmares to the lightweight roster, standing shoulder to shoulder with Shakur. He's the fighter who switches gears and steps on the gas when it counts. While Shakur's slick southpaw stance and ring IQ are top-tier, Raymond's got that explosive factor.

Did you catch Muratalla's dominance against Diego Torres? It was like watching a maestro at work – absolute power. In this game, we talk about levels, and Raymond just showed a whole floor named after him. He faced an undefeated fighter brimming with swagger and snatched his mojo in minutes.

With the lightweight landscape after Haney's rumble with Prograis still hazy, I'm tossing my coins on Muratalla. If he and Devin go toe-to-toe, my money's riding on Raymond, no doubt about it," declared Bradley.

2023's been Muratalla's knockout year – three bouts, three canvases kissed by his opponents. His latest victory, an eighth-round technical masterpiece over the previously unbeaten Diego Torres Nunez, just cemented his rep as a serious threat at 135.