06 Jan

Lennox Lewis discusses Wilder Issues

Former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis shared his thoughts on the reason behind Deontay Wilder's recent defeat:

"It seemed like Wilder wasn't focused on the fight. I don't know what he was focused on, but it looked like it was about the money. It was as if he thought, 'They paid me. I wasn't very prepared, but I went out and fought for this little money. It doesn't matter how it goes; I'm ready for both defeat and victory. It's all God's will.' He lost that spark.

I didn't think he would step into the ring again. When he agreed to fight Parker, he had only one round in two years against Robert Helenius, and that really didn't show anything.

In fact, it did him more harm because he needed to work in this fight. Wilder said he wouldn't be rusty, but he's not Houdini; everyone rusts. What he was saying is not entirely clear to me," Lewis said.

Wilder lost to Parker by unanimous decision on December 23, 2023. After the announcement of the Joshua vs. Ngannou fight, information surfaced that Deontay might have a match against Chisora on the undercard.