29 Mar

Krassyuk Explains Why Berinchyk and Usyk Will Fight on the Same Day

Alexander Krassyuk, the head of the promotional company K2 Promotions and CBDO of RTFight, explained to LuckyPunch why the fights of his clients, namely WBO International lightweight (up to 61,2 kg) champion Denys Berinchyk (18-0, 9 KOs) and unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs), are scheduled for the same day.

Berinchyk's fight will take place on May 18th – on the same date as the Usyk vs. Fury duel. Were there any attempts to organize a different date for the Berinchyk vs. Navarrete fight? Which fight will you personally attend?

The thing is, when we were determining the date, Usyk was supposed to fight Fury on February 17th. But due to known circumstances, that fight will happen on the same date Denys Berinchyk is fighting.

What can I say... Obviously, it's not very convenient. We've worked with Denys for so many years, and not being at this fight in San Diego is, at the very least, regrettable.

However, our people will be there, specialists will be there. A lot of work has already been done to ensure Denys feels absolutely comfortable, as they say, "in his element," boxing in San Diego against Navarrete. This covers all aspects of a boxer's life, including officials, judges, travel accommodations, etc. All of this is already included in the contract. Now it's up to Denys and his team. And now, the hard work continues in the training camp.

Of course, there were many attempts to combine these fights into one card or spread them out by dates… We have what we have and we work with it. So, forward to victory, said Krassyuk.

Usyk will box against Fury on May 18th in Saudi Arabia. Several hours later in the USA, Denys Berinchyk will box against Emanuel Navarrete for the WBO lightweight title.