29 Jun

Holyfield Articulates Why Usyk Can't Best Fury

Former world heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, spotlights the distinctiveness of Tyson Fury and his capacity to adapt his game plan in the heat of battle. Even in the light of Oleksandr Usyk's impressive record, Holyfield harbors reservations about his capability to overcome the "Gypsy King".

"I think Tyson Fury has shown that he is a great fighter. Out of all the fighters, he’s the one that has been able to make adjustments, and making adjustments makes you better," Holyfield voiced his thoughts.

Holyfield also emphasized the undisputed fact that no one has managed to take down Fury yet: "The fact of the matter is, ain’t nobody has beat him! I don’t know [how Usyk could beat Fury]. Ain’t nobody did it and, until somebody does it, who’s to say anybody can?"

It's worth noting that Holyfield has previously expressed criticism towards Fury, particularly concerning the canceled fight against Usyk.