03 Apr

How Many Years Does Joshua Have Left in His Career?

In an interview with Boxing News, British heavyweight boxer Jeamie Tshikeva (6-1, 3 KOs) shared insights from his sparring sessions against Anthony Joshua (28-3, 25 KOs).

"It was incredible. I enjoyed the camp with him; it was fun. We had a great time sparring. Some of my most enjoyable fights, actually. I just really enjoyed boxing, and so did he. I joined for the last two weeks of the camp and sparred a lot against him. AJ was sharp and strong. It was enjoyable.

I don't think Anthony had any particular fear before. The difference now is that he's very confident. He believes in what Ben Davison and Lee Wylie are teaching him. That's what's giving him confidence in what he's doing.

I just feel that AJ is ready to become world champion again. And the way he's moving – it gives him another 3-5 years in his career," said Tshikeva.

On March 8th, in Saudi Arabia, a fight took place between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou (0-2). Joshua sent his opponent to the canvas with a knockdown in the first round. In the second, the Brit finished the confrontation – sending his opponent to a second knockdown, then ending it with a single punch.