18 Apr

Josh Taylor Predicts Haney as Favorite in Lomachenko Bout

WBO welterweight champion Josh Taylor recently offered his thoughts on the upcoming fight between unified lightweight champion Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko.

Taylor believes that the American boxer will emerge victorious, despite the considerable experience and prowess of his Ukrainian opponent.

"It's a very interesting fight. For me, Haney is a little too big for Loma. He's tall, he's big and he's strong. Haney is young, sharp and fresh. I think he has all that on his side. And I think that he will win, but you can never count out Lomachenko. I mean he's an absolute great of the sport. His angles, his footwork, and the way he moves is unbelievable. But I think he's been at the top for a long time. Lomachenko has had 300 fights as an amateur, and two olympics, so he has had a long career," Taylor explained.

"I think he is at the other end of his career now. But he still has a good chance in this fight. The fight can go either way, but I'm edging towards Devin," Taylor said during an interview with the YouTube channel iD Boxing.

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As a reminder, the much-anticipated bout between Devin Haney and Vasyl Lomachenko is set to take place on May 20 in Las Vegas.