23 May

Jeff Mayweather: Lomachenko's Loss Signals a New Chapter in His Career

Esteemed boxing coach Jeff Mayweather has voiced his insights on Vasyl Lomachenko's recent loss to undisputed lightweight world champion, Devin Haney. In the opinion of this renowned expert, this bout has breathed new life into the career of the Ukrainian boxer.

"I think a lot of people thought that Lomachenko was going to be done because Devin was much bigger. Not necessarily stronger but a bigger fighter, and that he was going to annihilate him. “He showed that he belongs, he showed that he still belongs. The guy has been laid off for a whole year and haven’t done nothing in boxing for a whole year, doing stuff for his country. Nobody knew what he had left," stated Jeff Mayweather.

The trainer is confident that Lomachenko will reclaim his prominence.

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"There’s no shame in losing to Devin, and there’s really no shame because the fight was close enough for him to even win. So, I think the best route for him is to probably check out because he did really good for 135 pounds. I think if he drops back down to 130, he’ll be king again. I think with his performance, his stock rises. His stock went back up. Right now, it’s just a matter of what weight division he chooses, and that’s 130 or 135. He’ll be alright in either one," Mayweather explained, as reported by Boxing News 24.

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It's worth noting that Lomachenko was defeated by Haney by unanimous decision, with judges' scores of 112-116, 113-115, 113-115.