12 Feb

It has been revealed what predictions Ukrainians are making for the highly-anticipated bout between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury.

The announcement of a potential bout between the Ukrainian boxer and the British champion was made at the end of last year, with the fight slated to occur in 2023. The fight for the title of undisputed champion in the super heavyweight division has generated immense excitement among fans.

Ukrainians, in particular, are closely following the bout as it represents not only one of the most intriguing and thrilling events in the world of sports, but also an opportunity for their own champion to shine. As such, all of the top sports betting companies in the ua1.com.ua rating are already accepting wagers and speculating on the outcome.

What’s known about the Usyk-Fury fight

Currently, the promoters are still negotiating the details of the upcoming meeting. The place and day of the match have not been decided, but they are already saying that the event has every chance to take place in the spring of this year. As Usyk himself noted, Saudi Arabia is being considered for the fight - perhaps this is where the boxers will meet in the ring at the beginning of March.

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As soon as Tyson Fury secured a decisive victory over Derek Chisora in early December, bookmakers began accepting bets on the anticipated match. Fury delivered a knockout blow to his opponent in the tenth round, with Usyk in attendance. Fury then challenged Usyk to step into the ring, which led to a discussion between the promoter of Fury, Bob Arum, and the Ukrainian athlete about the possibility of a bout to determine the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the super heavyweight division. The date for the fight was expected to be announced by the end of 2022, however, no specific details have been confirmed as of yet.

It's worth noting that it was actually Usyk who initiated the match, not Fury. In August 2022, following his defeat of Anthony Joshua, Usyk extended the challenge to Fury, who eagerly accepted. However, due to the conflict in Ukraine, Usyk decided to return home and promised to participate in the bout in 2023. And now, the time has finally arrived for the two boxers to square off.

The odds being placed on the Usyk-Fury fights

According to Parimatch Ukraine, the betting odds for the upcoming fight in January have shifted, but the overall patterns remain consistent. A few weeks ago, the British boxer was favored with odds of 1.36, while the Ukrainian athlete was placed at 3.00. However, midway through the month, the situation underwent a slight change. The odds of Fury's victory rose to 1.44, while the Ukrainian's chances improved to 2.75. A draw remains a long shot, with odds of 19.00. The reason for the decrease in the British boxer's chances is yet unknown.

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It's worth mentioning that bookmakers' predictions tend to come true with remarkable accuracy. For instance, in the Usyk vs Joshua fight, the odds were in favor of Usyk and he went on to secure the win. As for the upcoming fight, Tyson Fury is currently favored, but that could change leading up to the event. Despite being the underdog, Usyk is taking the lack of faith from both fans and bookmakers in stride, using it as motivation to prove his championship caliber.