27 Dec

Crawford's Message to Skeptics: 'In Any Ring, at Any Weight, I'm King!

Terence Crawford has clapped back at his social media detractors who've been jabbing at his current fighting weight.

He punched back, saying, "When I say I'm the top P4P (pound for pound) fighter, I'm not just throwing punches in the wind. You could bump me up or down in weight classes, and I'd still be the champ in the ring. Not everyone's got the guts or the game for that. Many fighters can't dance with the big dogs or speed with the lightweights like I can.

Think about it. How often have your so-called favorite fighters been scraped by or even knocked off their pedestal? I've faced a whole lineup of contenders, and there's not a single one I haven't shown who's boss. I let my fists talk in the ring," Crawford laid it down.

2023 was a knockout year for Terence - he floored Errol Spence, bagging the world championship title for the second round. Coming up, he's gearing up for a rematch with Spence next year. Stay tuned. It's going to be a brawl!