26 Dec

New Coach, New Spark: Joshua Illuminates Success Under Davison's Guidance!

British boxing star Anthony Joshua praised his new coach, Ben Davison, for their work together leading up to his fight against Otto Wallin.

"When we first chatted, it clicked. He got what I was aiming for. It's like that moment when the light bulb just switches on, and everything falls into place," AJ reflected.

Davison's approach wasn't about reinventing Joshua's style. "He kept nudging me towards my goals, but with a fresh twist. I didn't try to overhaul my game. I just steered it in a new direction. Clearly, he's got a deep grasp of the sweet science, tuned into my ambitions, and knows how to pull it off. He's the guy who lit up this camp," Joshua added with a nod to Davison's expertise.

Their teamwork paid off: On Dec. 23, AJ triumphed over Wallin, sealing the deal early – Wallin didn't come out for the sixth round. This victory marked Joshua's third straight win in 2023, with back-to-back early knockouts.