31 Oct

"I need Tyson." Usyk on Ngannou's Boxing and Compromises in Fury Negotiations

In an interview for the All Out Fighting, YouTube channel, Oleksandr Usyk talked about Tyson Fury's fight against Francis Ngannou and whether he is willing to compromise regarding the date of the showdown with the Brit:

- How do you feel about Ngannou's boxing in the fight against Fury?

- He showed some good boxing skills. The most important thing is that he did what his corner told him.

- How would you fight Ngannou?

- I can't imagine that. I think it's incredible.

- What were you thinking when Tyson was knocked down?

- I thought my path to the absolute could be prolonged.

- Do you think Tyson won the fight?

- I don't think; I know.

- In your opinion?

- In my opinion and looking at the statistics. He won 6-7 rounds.

- If Warren calls Oleksandr Krasuk or Egis Klimas and says the fight needs to be postponed, how will you react?

- If that's the case, then why did he sign the contract, and why did they announce the fight before Fury has his fight with Ngannou? Were they tormenting me or what?

- Fury can't use money as leverage. He said it's a 'money maker,' but that's in Britain. Does it not work in Saudi Arabia?

- I'm not boxing for money; I have a completely different vision. A two-time absolute champion. It's historical; it's a legacy.

- Will it be okay for you if, in case of refusal to fight on the 23rd, the WBC strips him of the title?

- I need Tyson. Even if he doesn't have any belts. People keep asking how Usyk will fight him. To end my boxing journey properly, I need to box with Tyson.

On the night of October 29, Tyson Fury defeated Francis Ngannou by a split decision. Oleksandr Usyk signed a contract for a fight with the British fighter. Usyk's promoter, Oleksandr Krasyuk, stated that the contract cites a fight date of December 23.