29 Jan

Garcia Caught by Hearn: Haney Fight Discussions Heat Up!

The British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn had a ringside chat with Ryan Garcia about a potential showdown in the ring. They focused on the possibility of Garcia squaring off with WBC super lightweight (63.5 kg) champ Devin Haney:

"I had a quick word with Garcia," Hearn shared, "and I laid it on the line: 'Now's your shot, mate, because I'm gonna be in Vegas mixing it up with Devin and Bill Haney all next week.'

This bout's got to happen. You're gunning for a blockbuster on April 20, right? Lay out the other contenders. A rematch with Gervonta's off the cards, Teofimo's playing games."

So, who's left in Garcia's corner? We can throw Haney in the ring with Garcia and hammer out a deal next week. I'm backing that play.

It's a gamble for both fighters, but that's the name of the game, isn't it? That's what cranks up the heat in the ring. It's a headline grabber. If Ryan thinks the deal's sweet - he'll bite. And I know for sure Devin's game," added Hearn.

Earlier in the year, Ryan and Devin circled each other for a match, but Garcia swung towards a match with WBA champ Rolando Romero. However, Romero pivoted, setting up a face-off with Isaac Cruz.