18 May

Hearn Dashes Hopes: Usyk vs Dubois Fight May Be Cancelled

Hearn's recent remarks have sparked waves of uncertainty among boxing enthusiasts. The promoter suggested that rumors are swirling about a possible cancellation of the much-anticipated fight between Usyk and Dubois, and the promotional bids might also be withdrawn.

"There's quite a bit of chatter in our circles, isn't there? I've heard that the fight might not happen and the promotional deals might fall through... Honestly, I don't really believe that we'll see Usyk and Dubois in the ring," Hearn commented on his stance.

Хирн: «У Джошуа к Руису остались только негативные чувства» | Бокс |  XSPORT.ua

Expectations for this match were sky-high among fans, but the situation is now rife with doubt and uncertainty. This latest development has left everyone in the boxing community riddled with questions and a significant sense of unease.