26 Mar

Haney: "When Ryan Fought at the Elite Level, He Folded"

On the DAZN Boxing YouTube channel, WBC lightweight (up to 63,5 kg) champion Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) went face-to-face with American boxer Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) and shared his expectations for their upcoming match.

"Styles make fights. I feel like I'm better than Ryan. I feel like he hasn't fought at that elite level, but when he did, he folded.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, the world saw him take a knee, the world saw him take a Colin Kaepernick pose (in 2016, American athlete Colin Kaepernick began taking a knee during the US national anthem to spark discussions on racial issues, police oversight, and the intersection of politics and sports. Over time, other players joined Kaepernick, - ed.).

So, what has he really achieved at the elite level?" said Haney.

The fight between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia is scheduled for April 20 in New York, USA.