27 Mar

Haney: "He is the Future of the Heavyweight Division"

American coach Bill Haney had words for prospect Jared Anderson (16-0, 15 KOs) while training with his new fighter, American heavyweight representative Jeremiah Milton (11-0, 7 KOs). The dialogue took place during a segment on FightHype.com at the training session:

Bill Haney: "Can I say that you're gonna whoop Jared Anderson's ass?"

Milton: "Yeah, I like that."

Haney: "You hear that, Jared. I told you I had something for you, I've been waiting, staying out of the way, I went and got the great Jay for you, Jared. Yeah, he's gonna whoop your young ass when the time comes. Yes, we're coming, calling names and whooping asses. This is the future of the heavyweight division."

Jeremiah Milton last fought in August against Craig Lewis (15-7-1, 8 KOs) and won by unanimous decision.

In the same month, Jared Anderson scored a technical knockout victory over Ukrainian Andriy Rudenko (36-7, 22 KOs). Anderson's next fight will be against Ryad Merhy (32-2, 26 KOs) on April 13 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.