26 Feb

Haney admitted weight problems before the fight with Lomachenko

American boxer Devin Haney is already difficult to fit into the 135-pound division by weight, but the fight against Vasyl Lomachenko for all the titles will not be canceled.

Хейни сделал заявление о поединке с Ломаченко - 24 канал - 24 канал Спорт

“Obviously, I’m not at 135 right now, so I’ve got to do the weight cut and see, but I’m up for it and excited for it.”

“It takes sacrifice to make the weight, but I’m willing to do it. This is legacy for me, this is another legacy fight,” Haney continued about his May 20th fight against Vasyl Lomachenko," Haney said.

Дэвин Хэйни показал тренировки с Флойдом Мейвезером-младшим | Fightnews.info

The match is expected to take place on May 20th.