12 Dec

Gervonta's Trainer to Haney: Mentioning Davis? Earn It First!

Calvin Ford, the savvy coach behind WBA Regular lightweight champ Gervonta Davis, threw in his two cents on Devin Haney's victory over Regis Prograis and the Haney camp's hankering for a match with Gervonta:

"Devin did his thing, looked sharp out there. Haney held his own in the ring. But here's the deal: Devin dished out some hurt, sure, but never sealed it with a KO. That's why dropping Gervonta's name? Maybe think twice," Ford quipped.

Devin broke down his strategy for not gunning for a knockout against Prograis, whom he outscored 120-107: "I was in it to win it. Felt I could rattle Prograis, and I had the playbook. But every time I hit my corner, Pops kept me in check: 'Stay sharp. Stick to the game plan. You're outboxing him. Just keep chipping away.' And that's what I did. It's all about learning. Like in my scrap with Linares – I had him, got a bit too hungry, and bam caught one I shouldn't have. So this time, we played it smart and stuck to our guns. If a KO was in the cards, so be it. But we weren't chasing it," explained Haney.

Devin Haney clinched a victory over Regis Prograis, grabbing the WBC super lightweight title (63.5 kg) – his second championship in a different weight class.

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