28 Dec

Gervonta Davis Clears the Air on Inoue Match-Up Mystery

WBA regular lightweight champ Gervonta Davis threw a verbal punch at the buzz surrounding a clash with Naoya Inoue, the reigning world lightweight kingpin.

Reacting to a fight poster on The Rize Podcast's Instagram, Davis pulled no punches: "I'm not squaring up with him. He's way out of my league, weight-wise. Why do they keep peddling this nonsense?" Davis jabbed back.

Here's the twist – The Rize Podcast is run by Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis, Davis' own cornermen. The post, however, has since been scrapped from their feed.

On his part, Inoue recently weighed in on the likelihood of duking it out with Davis and the nitty-gritty of setting up such a showdown.