29 Nov

In Garcia's Corner: Tensions Rise in Team Ahead of Duarte Duel

Ryan Garcia seems to be in hot water with his Golden Boy Promotions corner. Bernard Hopkins, the ex-champ and big shot at GBP, threw his two cents into the ring about Ryan's upcoming scrap:

"Let's see how Garcia fares against Oscar Duarte before I call the shots on whether he's up for another bout. Ryan needs to throw down a statement next month," Hopkins dished to FightHype.com.

Ryan wasn't having any of it and came out swinging:

"What's he on about, 'making a decision'? No way he's pulling that stunt on me. The wacky part? I'm in the ring for a squad that's betting against me. But, hey, they're happy to pocket the dough I bring in. They snagged that cool $6 million, but now they're iffy about me stepping back in the ring? They cashed in on my rumble with Davis. Zip it. I'm over it. How can my own team trash-talk me? Mull it over. Why is my team throwing shade? Makes no sense. Why's he doing this? I'm their top dog, their cash cow. Who else is gonna rake in that kind of moolah for them? Show some respect to your main eventer". - Garcia fired off.

Earlier, Ryan was steamed that Hopkins and the head honcho of Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, ghosted the arena after his tussle with Gervonta Davis. They claimed they bailed because of a heads-up about a potential threat.

The Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar Duarte showdown is set for December 3 in Houston, USA. It's Ryan's first go in the bantamweight division.

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