26 Mar

Garcia threatened Gervonta with a knockout: "It will be quick"

“Me and Gervonta, we’re doing it right now, which is wild. It’s like two superheroes at their peak powers going at it. I’ve spent hours thinking about it, and watched countless tapes. I believe deep down in my soul I’m going to knock him out, and it’s going to be quick. I don’t have any doubts. I just know I got to put in the work. If I do all the work I have to do, he’s done. He’s going to get knocked out. There’s no way this fight is ending with him not getting knocked out and I’m ready for anything. So he’s really going to have to lay me out to get me off him. He has to because there’s no other way. I’m not giving him no breaks like these other fighters because he’s big right now. We’ve seen that Showtime story. He’s big, my guy. He has more weight to lose than me," Garcia said in an interview with Boxingnews24.