08 Jan

Hector Garcia shared juicy details about the fight with Gervonta Davis

31-year-old Hector Luis Garcia, after losing to the WBA World lightweight champion Gervonta Davis, said that in the fight he received a striking blow from the American, which, in fact, forced him to surrender. It will be recalled that Garcia did not go to the 9th round of the fight, thereby admitting his defeat.

Джервонта та Ектор Гарсія показали однакову вагу перед очним поєдинком

“When I missed a head shot in the last round, I couldn't see with my eye. I didn't know where I was after he hit me.

My vision is back, but my head still hurts. I could not see with my right eye. At this point, everything was going well. I chose where to hit," said Luis Garcia.