10 Mar

Fury's promoter explained why the fight with Usyk was on the verge of failure

If Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk fail to come to an agreement by week's end, the highly anticipated fight may not take place, according to promoter Frank Warren as reported by Boxing247.

Disagreements over the amount of fees have emerged during negotiations for the event, which will determine the heavyweight division's absolute champion of the world.

“I would say it’s not going to go past the end of this week, that’s for sure, because the proposed date is April 29. I have a pot, and out of that pot, I can only pay what’s in it, and if it’s not enough money, the fight won’t happen; we’re running a business,” said Warren.

He added that there is still hope that Fury and Usyk will agree on the terms of the contract.

"There are still options, but as of today, we have not agreed. To close the deal, we need the consent of both parties, and we do not have it. Believe me, no one wants to arrange this fight more than I do. After all, this upcoming fight will make history as the first heavyweight bout to unify all four belts. It's a historic event. But I can't force fighters to accept terms they don't like," Warren concluded.

WBA назначила Усику обязательного претендента на пояс - Спорт bigmir)net

Oleksandr Usyk holds the WBA (World Boxing Association), WBO (World Boxing Organization) and IBF (International Boxing Federation) titles.