13 Mar

Fury began his training camp for the fight against Usyk

Tyson Fury, the WBC world heavyweight champion, has commenced his training camp in anticipation of his undisputed world title fight against Oleksandr Usyk, the WBO/WBA/IBF/IBO heavyweight titleholder. The fight, scheduled for April 29th at Wembley Stadium, will determine the absolute world champion.

Usyk agreed to split the fight fee 70/30 with Fury on the condition that Fury would donate one million pounds to Ukraine after the fight. The boxers informed the WBA of their agreement, and the association did not oblige Usyk to defend his belt against challenger Daniel DuBois, allowing time for the teams of both champions to finalize the fight contract.

Фьюри возвращается в бокс ради поединка с Усиком, — Sky Sports | НикВести —  Новости Николаева

Initially, Usyk's side insisted on equal income distribution, but later proposed a scheme of 60/40 in favor of the winner of the match. Fury, however, declared his willingness to fight under a different schedule - 70/30 in his favor.

Promoter Frank Warren warned that if negotiations for the unification fight between Usyk and Fury are not finalized soon, he will explore other options for his client.