21 Mar

"Memory Never Returned": Froch Can't Recall Finale Against Taylor

British former world champion Carl Froch spoke about his fight against American Jermaine Taylor. According to Carl, he still can't remember part of the confrontation.

"Unfortunately, my memory of that night never came back. The knockout in the 3rd round gave me quite a severe concussion. However, I got up from the canvas and finished the fight quite well. Around the 8th-9th rounds, I started to catch up with him. I landed a few good shots, after which he wobbled a bit. But I just couldn't finish him off.

When I returned to my corner, my trainer Rob McCracken said, 'Keep pressing. Even when he responds and lunges at you, keep pressing him.' The phrase 'I have to press him' was spinning in my head. The coach didn't tell me to go out and knock him out. I didn't even know it was the last round.

From what I remember, I wasn't thinking, 'This is the last round, I have to give it my all.' Everything was blurry. When I watch the video, I can't remember anything. I don't remember my celebration. My brother jumped into the ring, my wife Rachel was there.

I just can't recall anything. It all went away. I hope it will come back later. In the last round, I was on autopilot, just doing what I know how to do. Hard work in training is what can help you in such situations. You just rely on your experience," said Froch.

The showdown took place in 2009, with the WBC super middleweight title (up to 76.2 kg) on the line. Froch won by technical knockout in the 12th round.