08 Nov

Flash vs. Force: Garcia to Face Heavy-Hitter Duarte as Broner Bides Time

Adrien Broner wasn't up for duking it out with Ryan Garcia. At least that's the buzz from Golden Boy Promotions' corner.

Eric Gomez, the head honcho at Golden Boy, spilled the beans on a potential December showdown between Ryan "The Flash" Garcia (23-1, 19 KOs) and the ex-champ of four weight classes, Adrien "The Problem" Broner:

"We were shuffling the deck, looking at contenders, and Broner's card came up. He's no pushover, that's for sure – a solid match for Garcia. We shot the breeze with Broner's ringmaster, Don King. King and our top dog, Oscar De La Hoya, were hashing it out. But Broner ducked out for now, saying he'd rather warm up with a smaller bout before considering our pitch with a smile."

Come December 2, Garcia's stepping into the ring with Oscar Duarte. Gomez is stoked about this matchup:

"Ryan's itching for this clash with Duarte, and he's got the quicksilver mitts to make it count. Duarte's no slouch, either! He packs a wallop. He's one mean hombre when he lets his fists fly."