27 Oct

Final Press Conference for Fury - Ngannou. Big John and Key Statements

On October 26, WBC world champion Tyson Fury and former UFC champion Francis Ngannou held their final press conference. Here's a brief summary of the boxers' key statements.

Bob Arum is amazed by Francis's punching power:

"Ngannou trained in my hometown of Las Vegas. Everyone who watched him told me rumors about him knocking guys down in the gym and having the most powerful punch they've ever seen. I hope Tyson is smart enough, and I believe he is, not to stand face to face with this guy and exchange punches."

Ngannou is thrilled that this event is happening:

"A dream is becoming a reality. Mike Tyson is right next to me, and I will fight Tyson Fury. Just four years ago, I couldn't imagine this would happen, but I'm living the dream. It's not just a simple thing. But I want all of you to hear this. Thank you for this opportunity, for making this happen. I understand that this fight is a risk."

John Fury was the most prominent. He provided lengthy comments and challenged Mike Tyson to a fight.

Tyson Fury didn't mince his words when he addressed Ngannou:

"I'll knock you out so hard that you'll see sparks. The game is over. You have zero power, zero."

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