11 Nov

"In February, the bell will ring." Usyk's interview for The Guardian.

Alexander Usyk, in a new interview for The Guardian, talked about whether he believes the fight with Tyson Fury will happen and his attitude towards the future opponent.

"For me, the postponement doesn't create any problems."

I want everything to happen for us. I want this match to happen. It was supposed to take place on December 23, but we saw what happened. The fact that it's being postponed doesn't create any problems for me.

I'm not 100% sure the fight will happen. I'll be sure when I step into the ring, and we stand in opposite corners. And when I hear the bell for the first round, then I'll understand that the game has begun.

"I am motivated by the path I am on."

He is big, tough, and strong. I'm definitely smaller. But I have incredible motivation. I am hungry for boxing. Money doesn't motivate me, nor material things. I care about the path I am on. I've been on this path for 20 years, and I think in February the bell will ring.

"I love people, and I love Tyson Fury too."

Maybe Tyson Fury just wants to offend me, using all sorts of indecent expressions towards me. But for me, a guy who grew up in a village with the last name "Usyk," with a gap in my teeth. Listen, I've heard so many nasty things about myself that I throw them all back, and they become my achievement.

"I love this incredible person. I don't have a hostile attitude towards him as a human being. I just love people, and I love Tyson Fury too."

Alexander Usyk and Tyson Fury were supposed to meet in a match for the undisputed championship on December 23, 2023, but after the British fighter's bout against Francis Ngannou, the showdown was postponed, tentatively to February 2024.