03 Apr

Fanyan Comments on Bohachuk's Stunning Form

In an interview with Tribuna.com, WBF super lightweight champion (up to 63,5 kg) Aram Fanyan (24-2, 6 KOs) shared his thoughts on the victory of the Ukrainian Serhii Bohachuk (24-1, 23 KOs) over Bryan Mendosa (22-4, 16 KOs).

"I knew the fight would go the distance because if you read my interview before the match, that was exactly my prediction. Honestly, I really enjoyed this fight. There were two really good boxers in the ring, delivering a great duel. But, primarily, Serhii made sure the fight was spectacular.

In the bout with Mendosa, Bohachuk demonstrated incredible physical readiness. He has always been known for having good physical attributes, but since he used to fight 8 rounds more often, we couldn't test him in a 12-round distance. And now we have. The conclusion is that if it had been necessary to fight not 12 but 15 rounds, Bohachuk would have maintained the same pace.

After this victory, Bohachuk has reached a very serious level in his weight category, and the fact that BoxRec has already placed him in the fifth spot confirms it. Mendosa is a very good boxer, experienced, but Serhii handled him quite easily, which demonstrated his level.

His words after the fight were heard by all of Ukraine. It was clear that it came from the heart. Bohachuk is a true Cossack, fighting for Ukraine in the ring," said Fanyan.

On the night of March 31st in the USA, Serhii Bohachuk met American Bryan Mendosa in a bout for the WBC "interim" championship title.

After twelve rounds, Bohachuk won by unanimous decision of the judges and claimed the title.

This was the first fight in Bohachuk's career in which he went the full twelve rounds.