21 May

Epic Showdown in Las Vegas: Haney Triumphs over Lomachenko in Riveting Bout - VIDEO

In a thrilling pursuit of the undisputed world championship title that unfolded at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas on the night of May 20, four-time world lightweight champion, Devin Haney, withstood a barrage of attacks from Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko, successfully retaining his titles.

The Ukrainian contender Lomachenko, boasting 17 victories out of 19 bouts, stepped into the ring against the 24-year-old American champion Haney, who impressively maintained an unscathed record of 29 wins with no losses.

The encounter was a leveled playing field, with both boxing titans displaying their prowess and preparedness for formidable opposition. Lomachenko was aggressively active in the ring, launching numerous punches fueled by his seasoned technique. Conversely, Haney utilized his physical attributes, such as height and reach, to fend off Lomachenko's onslaught.

The initial rounds saw a measured approach from both fighters, taking time to dissect each other's weaknesses. As the fight progressed into the middle rounds, Lomachenko demonstrated dominance, taking control of the match's direction. The final three rounds were particularly grueling for both competitors, and in the concluding minute, Lomachenko showed signs of exhaustion, having commendably fought all 12 rounds.