05 Jun

Egis Klimas: Doubts Arise Over Lomachenko Rematch with Haney

Egis Klimas, the manager of Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko, has expressed skepticism regarding the likelihood of a rematch between his client and the reigning lightweight division champion, Devin Haney. Klimas firmly believes that Haney will not agree to such a fight.

"Let's be realistic here, no commission has the authority to mandate a rematch. So, despite our complaints, the commission cannot enforce a rematch. Only Haney can step up and announce a rematch if he has the courage to do so," Klimas stated in an interview with Boxing King Media.

Клімас висловився про підготовку Усика до реваншу з Джошуа | Бокс |  XSPORT.ua

Lomachenko's manager further emphasized that his team does not anticipate a rematch with Haney, as they do not believe that the American boxer possesses the necessary bravery to face Lomachenko in the ring for a second time.

Earlier reports indicated that Vasyl Lomachenko's team had appealed to boxing organizations, seeking to maintain his status as a mandatory contender for titles based on his previous championship status according to the WBC version.