05 Jul

Eddie Hearn Reflects on Anthony Joshua's Father's Emotional Outburst After Ruiz Defeat

In June 2019, a pivotal Boxing Night in New York saw Anthony Joshua's unblemished record take a surprising hit. Andy Ruiz defeated Joshua, stripping him of all his championship titles.

The night was particularly charged for one individual - Robert Joshua, Anthony's father. Overcome by emotion, he made his way into the ring, directed his frustration at Anthony's trainer, and then confronted promoter Eddie Hearn.

Caught off-guard, Hearn, who was already grappling with the disappointment of his boxer's defeat, was startled by this emotional outpouring.

"It was one isolated incident," Hearn recounted his relationship with Robert Joshua during an interview with GRM Daily. "I always got on well with Anthony's father, we hugged after every fight."

"But when Anthony lost in New York, we went into the ring and his father came right up to me. He asked, 'Why did he stay in that ring?' And I was just speechless. I think obviously it was very emotional to watch your son get beaten."

"First he came to the coach, then to me, and I honestly have never been so scared in my life."

Эдди Хирн: Если Канело пройдет Бивола, его бой с Головкиным будет самым  большим в мире бокса - iSport.uaFortunately for Hearn, Anthony Joshua was nearby and stepped in as a peacemaker, preventing his father from making a mistake he might later regret.