05 Jul

Devin Haney Pledges Part of His Reduced Fight Fine to Ukraine Amidst Conflict with Lomachenko

The Nevada Commission initially imposed a hefty $400,000 fine on Haney for his conduct during an altercation with Lomachenko, but later reduced the amount to $25,000.

Devin Haney, the lightweight world champion, made an announcement that he intends to contribute a significant portion of his reduced fine to Ukraine. This decision was made public via a tweet following his bout with the ex-Ukrainian champion, Vasyl Lomachenko. However, the tweet was subsequently deleted.

Haney initially faced a $400,000 fine imposed by the Nevada Commission due to unsuitable behavior during the final press conference before the fight. The commission, however, later decided to reduce the penalty to $25,000.

"I fought with a Ukrainian at the very moment when there was a war in his country. He was simply allowed to leave the country for a while and have this fight with me. I don't care if you support me in this decision. I want to show my support," Haney said.

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As of now, the specific amount that Haney plans to donate to Ukraine is yet to be announced.