10 Nov

Crawford's Reign Ends: Ennis Takes Over IBF Welterweight Title!

In a twist in the welterweight world, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) has unveiled its latest champion. Jaron Ennis is now the full-fledged IBF welterweight titleholder, ditching his "interim" status. 

Terence Crawford, who clinched the absolute title in a clash with Errol Spence, is stripped of the IBF belt. This shake-up means Crawford can no longer bask in the glory of being the undisputed champ. 

While the IBF's official word on why and how this switcheroo happened is still under wraps, the boxing world is abuzz with speculation. Jaron Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs) last dazzled fans on July 8, 2023, by sending Royman Willew packing in the tenth round with a knockout punch.

Meanwhile, Terence Crawford (40-0-0, 31 KOs) only had his grip on the IBF title since July 29, 2023, marking a brief reign at the top. The boxing arena waits to see how this reshuffle will impact the welterweight landscape.