06 Nov

Chisora Calls Out Ngannou: A Heavyweight Twitter Tease Turns Serious!

British heavyweight Derek Chisora, with a record of 34-13 and 23 KOs, is stoking the fires for a clash with former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Chisora's Twitter has been buzzing with challenges and fight posters since Ngannou's bout with Tyson Fury.

Firstly, Chisora doffed his cap to Ngannou's effort against Fury. "Gotta hand it to Francis," he said, "The man's been steamrolling through the MMA world, and he's brought that heat to boxing. Give the man his due, and don't shortchange his hustle."

Chisora then ramped up the banter with a fight poster, quipping, "Love this game, I want that fight." His callout is a mix of respect and challenge, showing he's game for the fight.

He didn't stop at social media antics. Next, he threw down a bold prediction. "I'm in this to scrap with everyone. Ngannou's on my list, and I'm itching for it. I'm down to throw down every day. I'm gunning for the knockout," declared Chisora.

Chisora's last appearance in the ring was a summer fight 2023, where he outplayed Gerald Washington to a judge's nod. Meanwhile, Ngannou, silent on Chisora's callouts, is slated for a PFL MMA debut in winter. Anthony Joshua is also in the fray, with his promoter Eddie Hearn teasing a December showdown.

The boxing world is abuzz – will Chisora's challenge spark Ngannou's interest, or will Joshua beat him to the punch? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: Chisora's ready to rumble any day, any time.