31 Dec

"Cheat against a Weakling." Tim Bradley on one of the fights on December 23

Former champion Timothy Bradley made a negative comment about the actions of boxers in one of the fights at the tournament on December 23 in Saudi Arabia. It concerns Daniel Dubois' victory over Jarrell Miller:

"It was a cheat against a weakling. I said, 'I don't know who will win this fight – a cheater or a weakling?'

When I thought about it, I said the weakling would win because a cheater has to cheat. 'Weakling' might be a harsh word, but what else can I say?

Miller is fat and lazy. His weight is over 150 kg; he likes taking doping, likes cutting corners – he had no chance of winning.

Jarrell never made Dubois recall past failures. At least he tried but couldn't keep up with such a pace. Dubois won't do anything in the heavyweight division. I'm just telling you that now. Miller turned out to be a suitable opponent for him," Bradley said.

Dubois stopped Miller 10 seconds before the end of the fight.