27 Jun

Charles Martin Discusses His Waning Motivation and Comeback to Boxing Following Defeats to Joshua and Ortiz

Charles Martin, the former IBF Heavyweight Champion from Ukraine, divulged candid insights about his unsuccessful bouts against Anthony Joshua and Luis Ortiz. Martin's emotional reactions to these defeats, he revealed, were markedly different.

"I lost my love for boxing after what happened in the fight with Joshua. After Joshua, I wasn't motivated to train, I didn't see the point of going to the gym unless it was related to the next fight. But after losing to Ortiz , I couldn't wait to get back to training," Martin confessed.

Мартин, Чарльз — ВикипедияIt's significant to note that Anthony Joshua handed Martin his first defeat, knocking him out in just the second round. In his subsequent elimination match against Luis Ortiz, the American boxer succumbed to a technical knockout in the sixth round.

"I don't want to take anything away from Ortiz, he landed some good blows, but something was amiss on my part. After five rounds, I just couldn't respond effectively," Martin further added.

Martin's revelations offer a unique window into his professional journey, underscoring the pivotal role an athlete's emotional state plays in the world of boxing.