18 Nov

Changes in the WBO rankings: Ukrainians at the top of the lightweight division, and Petr Ivanov enters the top 15.

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) has updated its rankings for the lightweight division, with two notable changes:

Former champion Vasiliy Lomachenko has moved from second position to first. Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik, affiliated with K2 Promotions, has risen to second spot from third. Isaac Cruz now holds third position.

WBO Lightweight Division Rankings:

1(2). Vasiliy Lomachenko

2(3). Denis Berinchik

3. Isaac Cruz

4. Angel Fierro

5. William Sepeda

6. Frank Martin

7. Raymond Muratalla

8. Miguel Madueno

9. Oscar Duarte

10. Sheriff Kuyt

Devin Haney is the current WBO lightweight champion. The WBO has stated that they will wait for Haney's decision regarding his future. On December 9, Haney will fight against Regis Prograis for the title in the first super lightweight division. It is expected that after this bout, Haney will decide whether to stay in the lightweight category or move up.

Ready To Fight Ambassador Petr Ivanov has entered the top 15 rankings in the second middleweight division. The world champion in this category is Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.