19 Nov

Carl Froch comments on the Usyk/Fury press conference.

Former world champion Carl Froch commented on Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk in anticipation of their upcoming fight. 

During the staredown, Fury attempted to push Usyk and throughout the entire press conference, he came up with various offensive epithets for the Ukrainian and his team.

Froch said: "I found Fury boring to listen to. I think he disgraced himself. I also think that Oleksandr Usyk behaved honorably, even despite the language barrier and the difficulty he had in conveying his thoughts the way he wanted to. Based on his body language and the interpretation of the brief phrases he said, Usyk came out of this situation very well, and now Tyson Fury is seen as the bad guy, whom everyone wishes to defeat. 

"I'm not talking about myself. I mean the reaction he received. If you read comments on social media, under YouTube videos, Tyson Fury did not achieve anything positive with his language," said Froch.

The Usyk vs. Fury fight is scheduled for February 17th in Saudi Arabia.