24 Nov

Caldwell's Take: Fury's Mind Games No Match for Usyk's Iron Will!

British boxing trainer Dave Caldwell threw his two cents into the ring about Tyson Fury's verbal jabs at Oleksandr Usyk. He weighed in on the pre-fight drama, especially at the initial presser where Fury tried to rattle the Ukrainian champ:

"Everyone's acting shocked at Fury's antics? Come on, that's his fight game recipe – stir the pot to throw a punch. It's his trademark, which is why the crowds love him. Imagine a mellow, tight-lipped Fury – he wouldn't have even made it to the undercard.

This whole drama? It's like a schoolyard scuffle – all bark, no bite. Mark my words, Usyk's not losing any sleep over it. I've always bet Fury's head games wouldn't scramble Usyk's brains. Sure, Fury could outbox him, but head games? No chance with Usyk.

And here's the twist – Fury's mind tricks bouncing off Usyk might boomerang back on him. That's the real pre-fight thriller we might see," Caldwell quipped.

Circle your calendars for February 17 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is hosting this blockbuster for the undisputed super heavyweight world title.