28 Nov

Boxing's Blast from the Past: Riddick Bowe Calls Out Lennox Lewis

Ex-world champ Riddick Bowe is all geared up for a showdown with former top dog in the heavyweight division, Lennox Lewis.

Bowe throws some shade, "Check the scoreboard. I've got Holyfield twice under my belt. Lennox? He's one and one with a tie. Plain and simple, I could've floored Lewis. He's lucky we never squared up.

Can't lie, Lennox still gets under my skin. Man, I'm pumped and ready to rumble," Bowe declares.

Back in '88, Lewis had the upper hand over Bowe at the Olympics, bagging an early win in the final. Post-1990, their paths could have crossed in the pros, but Bowe famously ditched his WBC title - literally in the bin - dodging an official defense against the Brit. This move got him axed from the WBC rankings for good, and the duo never locked horns in the ring again.

Lennox and Riddick hit 58 this year, yet the fire for the fight still burns.