11 Jun

Bob Arum Unveils Plans for Lomachenko's Next Fight

Bob Arum, the head of Top Rank promotion company, recently outlined his ambitious plans for orchestrating a boxing match between Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko and American Shakur Stevenson.

Image: Bob Arum wants Devin Haney fight Shakur Stevenson"From the time we signed Shakur, and we signed Lomachenko, that was the fight in my mind that I wanted to see," Arum commented.

According to Arum, both boxers possess a unique talent and charisma that make their bouts incredibly captivating. He mentioned that he had wanted to organize this fight for a long time, but currently, the decisions of Lomachenko's team are crucial.

"It was a little too early for Shakur to fight Loma at that point, but I would love that fight, even if I wasn’t promoting it. I would pay to see it," Arum stated.

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