17 Nov

Beyond Punches: Usyk Sees Potential Friendship with Fury After Dust Settles

In an exclusive chat with Boxing King Media, the reigning WBA, WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO, and The Ring heavyweight kingpin Oleksandr Usyk opened up about his scuffle with Tyson Fury at the press meet and the true colors of the Brit:

"Tyson's the undisputed champ of press meets. He's all yap. I can't beat him at his own game, no way. I've given it a shot, but it's a tall order.

And that's cool by me. Mad respect for Tyson and his corner. But the moment Tyson laid a hand on me – boom, I'm in the zone. Ready to rumble non-stop, round the clock. Yet, remember, pressers are just a bit of razzle-dazzle.

You shove me, and I won't just stand there. I'll prove I'm no pushover. We'll have our real chat in the square circle.

So, which Tyson's the legit deal?

I see Tyson Fury as a stand-up guy, a real family man at heart. I bet we'll end up mates after our dance. But get him in front of cameras and mics, and he morphs like he's from another planet.

I chalk it up to the spectacle."

The Usyk vs. Fury showdown was set in stone at a press event in London on November 16. They'll duke it out on February 17 in Saudi Arabia, vying for the heavyweight crown's ultimate glory.