12 Jan

December Shocker: Beterbiev's Tests Go Off-Script with "Atypical" Twist!

Russian-born Canadian puncher Artur Beterbiev stepped into the ring of medical scrutiny with blood and urine tests on December 6, revealing some off-the-chart readings. However, these 'atypical' results aren't ringing any doping alarm bells just yet. Following WADA's script, they need a closer look, which Beterbiev got.

On the testing front, December 15 and 21 saw his urine under the microscope, with blood tests trailing on December 21 and January 3. All these tests came out clean as a whistle, with no red flags.

Now, about those initial head-scratchers. Beterbiev's first round of tests showed unusual levels of human growth hormone (HGH) and 5D-androstenediol. These could be just the body's natural work, but they raised eyebrows. When something's out of the ordinary, you double down on the tests to determine whether it's a natural high or a cheat code.

The follow-up tests gave Beterbiev a clean slate. So, the stage is set, no hurdles left. He's all geared up for the showdown with Callum Smith (29-1, 21 KOs) – a clash of titans for the WBC, IBF, and WBO light heavyweight crowns. This fight is all set to light up Canada on January 13. Let the gloves do the talking!