16 Jan

Fight Forecast: Berinchyk Targets Big Names and Bigger Stages!

Ukrainian lightweight contender Denys Berinchyk is mapping out his next match-up in the ring. He shared his thoughts on potential adversaries.

"Navarrette, is he a top contender?

Maybe, as he's holding the world champion title. He's got a shot to move up in weight class and face me. We're on standby.

But other formidable fighters are in the picture: Isaac Cruz and Angel Fierro. These guys are also on my radar for opponents," Berinchyk remarked.

Shifting the focus to where the punches might fly, Berinchyk outlined possible locales. "We've got three contenders for the venue: the UK, the USA—perhaps Los Angeles—and Saudi Arabia. And my preferred ring? For me, it's all the same. When you're vying for the championship belt, the venue is out of my hands," he explained.

There's chatter that Berinchyk's upcoming fight could be a title clash for the WBO lightweight belt. Fight fans, stay tuned!