20 Jan

Trainer of Berinchyk Reveals When Denis Will Compete for a Title Fight

Egor Golub, the trainer of Ukrainian lightweight boxer Denis Berinchyk, has shed light on when we can expect his fighter to compete for a championship bout.

Interviewer: "How many more fights until Denis competes for a championship?"

Golub: "The next one."

Interviewer: "Do you already know the opponent?"

Golub: "Yes."

Interviewer: "Can you share it with us?"

Golub: "No. There's a tentative date, Oleksandr Krassyuk called and mentioned April or May. He has come a long way to get here. He's been in boxing for many years, and I believe he deserves it," said Golub.

Previously, Emmanuel Navarrete was mentioned as one of the possible opponents for Berinchyk. Denis himself has also mentioned his desired opponents for such a fight.