21 Mar

Bellew on Joshua: "That Right Hand Could Knock Out a Horse"

In an interview with talkSPORT, British heavyweight Tony Bellew commented on Anthony Joshua's (28-3, 25 KOs) victory over Francis Ngannou (0-2).

"He came in and punished Ngannou for every mistake.

He pressed him with the jab, the pressure with the front foot was magnificent, and that right hand could knock out a horse, it really could.

The guy (Joshua) is an unreal specimen. You have to give him, Ben Davison, and the partnership they've formed their due. I think it was absolutely brilliant.

I think the fact that Joshua has had 4 fights in 12 months is exceptional for any fighter, especially for a star like Joshua," said Bellew.

Recall, on March 8th in Saudi Arabia, the bout between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou took place. In the first round, Joshua sent his opponent to the canvas. In the second, the Brit finished the confrontation – sent his opponent to the canvas for the second time, then finished him off with a single blow.