02 Apr

Arum announced which opponent awaits Lomachenko in case of winning the fight against Haney

The head of the Top Rank promotion company, Bob Arum, has revealed whom Vasyl Lomachenko could face if he wins his upcoming match against the undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney.

According to the promoter, he would like to bring his protégé to the ring against Shakur Stevenson. However, he is uncertain whether his other client Haney will continue to fight in the lightweight division after their scheduled bout.

"If Lomachenko wins, my plan is to match him against Shakur Stevenson. If Haney wins, I'm not sure if he'll stay in the lightweight division. To be honest, I doubt it. He's a pretty big guy, and you can't go against nature," Arum was quoted as saying by Boxing Scene.

"If Haney beats Lomachenko, I assume he'll decide to move up to the welterweight division," he added.

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