23 Jan

Artem Dalakian Broke the Silence on His First Career Loss

Ukrainian boxing warrior Artem Dalakyan, after his first career stumble against Japan's Seigo Akui, shared his thoughts with heart and humor:

"Big shoutout to my squad at UNION BOXING PROMOTION and everyone who's been in my corner, rooting for me and tuning into my bouts.

Post-fight feels? A mix of weariness and a burning desire to catch up with my number one fans - my wife, daughters, and son. I've been in the ring more than at home these past years. Right now, it's all about family hugs and longing for peace to knock out the nightmare in Ukraine.

Respect to Seigo Akui. He came, he saw, he conquered in the ring. As for me, let's face it – I'm in the championship rounds of my career, feeling every bit of the battle scars, both mentally and physically. Defeat was on the cards, but hey, not tonight.

I didn't get to clinch the unification, but I've had the world title belt in my grasp for a solid five-year run. That's a tale to tell!

What's next? Time's gonna be the referee on that. Right now, it's all about keeping the faith, focusing on family, and rooting for peace in Ukraine. Salute to our AFU heroes!"

For Dalakian, now 36, this bout marked his first career loss, dropping the WBA championship title he's been defending since 2018.