11 Jan

Announcing Our New Chief Marketing Officer: Alan Duran

We are thrilled to welcome Alan Duran as the new Chief Marketing Officer of the Ready To Fight project!

Alan is a proven go-getter in marketing with a remarkable 15-year journey across diverse industries, including Sports, Fashion, Entertainment, Gaming, and Blockchain.

His journey as Marketing Lead over the last challenges is a testament to his exceptional skills. Under his guidance, brands like Crypto.com, Bitget, OKX and PUMA, witnessed a substantial uplift in brand recognition and market share, emphasizing his prowess in strategic marketing

Alan's expertise spans critical areas such as campaign management, market analysis, and creative project leadership. His ability to navigate and thrive in fast-paced, evolving sectors has consistently driven growth and impressive ROI.

Join us in welcoming Alan Duran to our team - the journey ahead is promising!